RB Leipzig Arms Behind Back Defending

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RB Leipzig Arms Behind Back Defending

Of course the first RB Leipzig’s Abdou Diallo gets suckered by the Valverde fake shot, but the second defender, David Raum, puts his arms behind his back when he perhaps could have blocked the shot. And Raum is the same defender who earlier in the game yelled at Valverde after he stopped an attack and the two got in a bit of a scuffle. It was an odd display of emotions by Raum who clearly was designated as the player on Leipzig who’s role was to try to stop the speedy Valverde. It does look like Valverde makes sure to celebrate his goal right in front of Raum.

It doesn’t make sense to put your arms behind your back like this even before Valverde fakes the shot. Raum puts his arms behind his back as he’s sliding across the goal box before Valverde fakes the shot. See Raum number 22 here in this image. It’s like he’s giving up already.

Raum Arms Behind Back

Yes, it is all happening extremely fast, but still strange to see pro soccer players put their arms behind their backs when it only limits their ability to block a shot. I think Raum could have done more here if he didn’t immediately put his arms behind his back over concern about conceding a penalty kick and instead looked to block the Valverde shot!

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