Perrin’s Horror Tackle On Kylian Mbappe

Football has to protect its best and most exciting players. This tackle by Perrin could have ended Mbappe’s football career. When a player is moving that fast, sprinting up the field with the soccer ball, it doesn’t take much to send them flying and in a very dangerous position to twist their ankle or knee.

There’s just no place in football for these types of horror tackles, especially on creative players like Mbappe.

Perrin should be banned for multiple games. It’s a sliding scissor like tackle that locks Mbappe’s ankle in a fixed position that could have easily resulted in a break rather than just a sprain. The Paris Saint-Germain players are justifiable upset at Perrin for a reckless even crazy tackle like this in the open field.

I’m sure Perrin regrets making the tackle. Perhaps it was all in the heat of the game but players should try to win the ball more cleaning and not risk injuring the attacking player. Perrin here I think was trying to take Mbappe out, and he did.

Tempers flare as Loic Perrin brings Kylian Mbappe down HARD in the Coupe De France Final. Perrin is rightly sent off for a nasty tackle on Kylian Mbappe.

Paris Saint-Germain confirmed it: Kylian Mbappe’s recent injury will certainly rule him out of the Champions League clash against Atalanta.

If you’re superstitious you might think that Mbappe’s injury to his ankle is due to his appearance on the cover of FIFA. Mbappe suffered a terrible tackle in the French Cup final, but there is something darker related to his injury, the FIFA cover curse? Wait, seriously? Yes. Find out all about it here.