Russian Soccer Goalie Survives Lightning Strike

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Goalkeeper Lightning Strike

Goalkeeper lightning strike: This soccer goalie is back on the field less than 3 weeks after surviving a lightning strike (warning: distressing). The Russian footballer struck by lightning has returned to the pitch after this footballer struck by lightning in Moscow. It’s hard to believe this is even real when you see the keeper struck by lightning – thankfully he is getting better.

It’s of course well known that goalkeepers are incredibly tough, but Russian goalkeeper Ivan Zaborovsky, just 16, it’s amazingly strong. Who survives a lightning strike like this? The young keeper had to be put in a coma to access his injuries.

The Russian soccer player struck by lightning is not the only time we’ve seen lightning strikes footballers, but this Russian goalkeeper struck by lightning is one of the most harrowing we’ve seen yet. Lightning strikes are not uncommon but this lightning strike is a harrowing reminder of nature’s fury. Don’t mess with nature in other words.

Russian goalkeeper struck by lightning: See the amazing and somewhat distressing video of this Russian goalkeeper surviving a lightning strike.

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