Ronaldinho Flick – Messi Chip Goal

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A chip and then a chip over the keeper. Ronaldinho has absurd skill, forethought, and style. Check out this flick, over the shoulder no less of a defender, to find some time and space, and lead Messi in for a goal. Ronaldinho does it so casually too, like it’s so easy. The defenders looks lost and dumbstruck and can’t get back to stop Messi. And Messi stays calm and lofts the ball over the keeper. Really, I don’t know if Messi has been this happy since at Barcelona.

It was the start of an amazing reign at the club for Messi. Taking over for his mentor, Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho was a joy to watch when he played for Barcelona. It’ a shame he’s no longer playing. As a young soccer player, never forget to have fun playing the game like Ronaldinho did. For Messi, playing with Ronaldinho when he was just starting out, certainly took a lot of the pressure off of him.

5 Times Ronaldinho Made Messi Shine

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