Rose Lavelle Wears Her Socks Like Neymar

Socks over the knees, almost like tights. It’s becoming more popular in soccer to wear your socks well over your knees this days. Neymar does it. Alex Morgan does it. And now Rose Lavelle is doing it when she plays too. I think it’s more about the socks though too. As the socks are thinner than they used to be so you can comfortably wear them well over your knees without them feeling constricting. What’s important though is that Lavelle scores goals with her socks up high!

After a number of dangerous set-piece opportunities off of corners and free kicks, a foul deep in Canadian territory set up the USAโ€™s breakthrough. Christen Press teed up a free kick near the right sideline level with the top of the penalty area. She served the ball to the near post and it bounced off Canada midfielder Desiree Scott, then Horan and then it rolled into the path Lavelle, who pounced on it to rip a low shot through goal mouth traffic from 12 yards out and just inside the right post for the game-winning goal.

Another pic of Rose with her socks well up over her knees, Neymar like.