Setting up Soccer Speculations for UEFA Champions League 2010-2011 season

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by Nila Amerova

The Fall, from a soccer speculating (or football as it is known in most countries) perspective at least, is looking up. It’s getting chilly out there, let’s face it, and mucking about on the soccer pitch trying to perfect your craft is frankly undesirable as the elements conspire to turn luscious fields into sludge, or in extreme conditions, into ice-rinks.

When it comes to speculating on the beautiful game fortunately, the weather doesn’t matter. Nothing better exists that invokes all the excitement of playing and understanding soccer together or that can be as cosy as sports betting platforms allow it to be.

Granted in some cases, neither rain nor sleet nor snow shall stop a soccer enthusiast from practicing outdoors, kicking the ball around and working on his/her nimble feet and deft touches. That is the nature of the beast after all, and that which cuts at the heart of this wonderful sport and that common love that unites us all.

It follows that diehard fans looking for alternatives and added thrills might fancy a turn at this popular (indoors) pastime.

This time of the year is particularly exciting in soccer betting markets because we are at the beginning stages, at the start of a new chapter – be it the start on the season for the many European football leagues or the start of the season for the various prized competitions, the biggest of which is UEFA Champions League. If the atmosphere in the great stadiums of Europe were any indication, soccer enthusiasts are in for a compelling 2010-2011 season and the build up to the finale in London will surely be a chart topper this season.

This time of the year is when all the questions are being asked, musing about answers is irresistible. Competition is stiff at every turn and soccer enthusiasts have to become intimate with a certain quality – patience.

Champions League betting is well and truly underway as we dig deeper into the month of October, nearer, ever so slightly, towards the knockout stages.

Inter Milan are defending their title but several clubs hungry for European glory are poised to test their claim. The draws are loaded with latent threats from a Messi-inspired Barcelona (bookmaker’s favourites across all platforms and a sports betting beloved), to European-title starved Real Madrid and a menacing Chelsea FC.

Among the early favourites and powerhouses, there are several lesser clubs that standout and that look to be determined to shake things up. FC Spartak Moskva, for example, are undefeated in two rounds and are nipping at Chelsea’s heels in Group F. Similarly, Shakhtar Donetsk have struck an audible note in Group H, sitting in second place – just behind group leaders Arsenal but level on points. How about the Scottish Premier League titleholders Rangers FC that thwarted Manchester United on a scoreless draw on opening night. Man U and Rangers are neck-and-neck in Group C.

What do all these comings and goings mean? It’s too early to tell for sure but as the prestigious top-flight club competition moves with a nice verve and swagger, on its set course to the final climax at Wembley Stadium, London on Saturday 28 May anybody that is up for the challenge may well try figuring it out.

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