Soccer Squash Training

Why not try playing soccer squash to improve your first touch. Sometimes you need to mix up your soccer training routines. And why not try mixing together two different sports together and plays some soccer squash?

If you have a wall to kick the soccer ball up against, say at an elementary school or in a gym (which you should find and use a wall since it’s great for working on striking the ball with both feet) try playing some soccer squash with a friend. You’ve heard of soccer tennis of course, or even soccer volleyball, but you can also diversify your training routine with other games like soccer squash.

How do you play soccer squash? Just use some white athletic tape to create a square or goal on the wall and then let the games begin. All you’re doing is smacking the ball against the wall, and trying to hit the target, which is the white taped boundary you’ve setup as a goal.

Soccer squash is a fast growing sport and a perfect low cost alternative to fill your (empty) squash courts. Soccer squash is played with a special Soccer squash ball and is used also by many football/soccer clubs as a great skill training routine to add to your soccer training schedule.

Create some rules too, a starting point for when the first kick is taken, say 10 yards away. Institute a rule that’s says there’s no blocking or obstructing allowed. If there is obstruction then you can just replay the point. Sometimes the interference might not be intentional, but when you’re kicking the ball at different angles your pathways might get entangled.

The soccer ball is in if it hits the tape – the line is in. If the majority of the ball hits within the square you’ve designated as the goal, then play on. Don’t get too wrapped up with rules, the main thing to do is get moving and work on striking the ball. Perhaps you could play one round with the left foot and the other with the right.

There doesn’t need to be any out of bounds borders on the sides or in the back, the game should flow along without too many stops and starts. Overall, the rules you can decide for yourselves as the game goes along. The key is to get you and your partner moving and working on hitting the target with both feet.

You’ll be surprised how much this game is good fitness workout. In the beginning perhaps just try to rally, as in tennis, hitting the ball back and forth against the wall. Then, when you’ve got the hang of that, start challenging your friend by striking the ball a bit harder or putting some spin on the ball.

Maybe try putting a lot of backspin on the soccer ball and kill the ball right in front of the wall. First setting this play up with a hard kick that forces your friend to chase the ball down quite a ways away from the wall, so they have to rush back to the wall.

Below is a quick video of some professional squash players. The pace of this game is at times incredible, if you apply the quickness of this game to a soccer variation, you’ll have fun and improve your touch and quickness, as well as get some good fitness in.