Stay Calm In Front of Goal

Above Mo Salah with his famous Yoga pose goal celebration. More and more you’d have to say Salah is the best forward in the English Premier League.  How to play like Mo Salah. Who is the best striker in the Bundesliga? Robert Lewandowski. What do the two forwards have in common besides scoring tons of goals? There are very calm in front of goal.

The best strikes in the world, think Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich or Mo Salah of Liverpool, are always calm and composed when they get the ball near the goal. Top goal scores like Lewandowski know how to slow down in the goal box. And the best forwards know how to score those cheeky and clever goals.

Actually, forwards have to slow down in the box in order to be able to react and score these types of clever goals. They are cheeky or clever goals, but moreover they’re smart goals. You have to understand the game of soccer, know where you are on the soccer field and be an intelligent soccer player to score these types of goals. They’re sort of slow motion type goals. CGI enhanced goals. Special effects.

Think the Matrix. Everyone else around the player is moving fast while the goal scorer is slowed down and see the chance and takes it. Here Lewandowski scores four goals in less than 15 minutes. Watch how he seems to slow himself down while everyone else around him is moving so much faster.

In a magic night, FC Bayern beat Red Star Belgrade 6-0 and set several UEFA Champions League records. Robert Lewandowski scored four goals within less than 15 minutes which is faster than any other player before. In episode 16 of Behind the Bayern, we take a look back.

A perfect example of this type of cheeky and smart goal is Mo Salah’s goal versus Watford where he nutmegs the defender with a back heel flick shot. Salah is slowed down enough and aware of what’s going on to react to a deflected shot. Salah knows where he is in the box and where the goal is and takes a chance. The defender is caught unaware. It’s too late the ball is through his legs.