How to Play Like Mohamed Salah

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I’m sure every young Egyptian soccer player has always wanted to learn how to play soccer like Mohamed Salah, but now, I’m sure every young soccer player in Liverpool, England wants to play like Salah, too. Actually, young soccer players around the world now want to be like and play like Mohamed Salah.

Salah has had an incredible season so far for Liverpool, and there’s talk they he’ll be the Premier League player of the year. Also, this summer in the World Cup, all eyes will be on Salah to see what he can do on the world stage. Let’s look at what makes Salah such a great goal scorer and forward and see if we can learn how to play soccer like him.

One thing that stands out about Salah’s style of play is he’s constantly making runs and moving off the ball. Salah is always trying to get open and offer himself as support. So even if he doesn’t get the ball he’s open up space for other players.

Mohamed Salah has scored 50 Premier League goals in 69 games for Liverpool – quicker than any other player in the club’s history. Watch his first 50 Premier League strikes for the Reds here! Salah also has some great goal celebrations!

Perhaps his greatest goal so far in the EPL is his goal versus the Tottenham Hotspurs, as he appeared to win the game for Liverpool, slipping past two defenders and chips the ball over the keeper from close range.

What makes Salah unique is how he uses his body to protect the soccer ball and surprises defenders with cuts and touches that enable him to slice through and into the open space. Salah will surprise you. He seems to have a soccer trick up his sleeve and pulls it out when least expected. That would a cut or a turn or spinning into space to receive the ball.

But since Salah is having such a great season at Liverpool, even bigger soccer clubs are now interested in signing him. This is what Real Madrid’s manager and soccer legend Zidane had to say about Salah:

“Salah is a great player. He showed that at Roma, now at Liverpool,” the report quotes Zidane as saying. “He’s still young and is improving all the time. I don’t talk much about other players, but he is a player I rate a lot.”

These words from Zidane should give Salah even more confidence. And at 25 years old he’s perhaps on the verge of being the prime time of his soccer career.

One thing that stands out with Salah is his determination and tirelessness. If you want to play like Salah then it’s key to work incredbily hard and never give up. Also, Salah is always trying to score and go towards goal.

And it’s not just his ability to score that makes him great but it’s his assists and setting up teammates. He’s certainly an unselfish player and simply just wants to help his team win.

Again though, what’s unqiue aobut Salah is he drives at defenders with the ball. So if you want to learn how to play like Salah you need to take a touch of the ball with every step when you dribble, so the ball is close to you – start out slow and then build up to where you can sprint with the ball at your feet like Salah.

How to Dribble Like Salah:

Mo Salah was recently names 2018 Premier League player of the year. His pace, goal scoring ability and dribbling are exciting to watch, and in this video we look at and break down 5 simple but effective moves he often uses to get past defenders. In this tutorial, we learn some easy skills to help us dribble more like Mo Salah.

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