Soccer Team Juggling Drill

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Team soccer juggling, what is that exactly? Watch the United States national soccer team doing a team juggling drill. Not sure how many juggles they get off in this one but it looks like quite a few. How many can your soccer team get? What’s your team’s record? One thing you could also do to make this juggling drill a bit harder is try to keep the soccer ball a bit lower, and not juggling it up so high. Or, better yet, vary it from low to high as you move along the field. Kick the ball high into the air and then juggle it low and then high again.

Also, you could put restrictions on, say you can only use the instep or the inside of your foot for a few rounds. Or only use your weaker foot. You’ll be surprised how much confidence this gives you and your teammates when you’re moving to a real game. Your first touch will improve and your overall sharpness with the feel of the soccer ball. Take a look at some team juggling in the video below.

Much like working on playing one touch soccer this team juggling idea is trying to do the nearly impossible. Surprisingly though, with practice it can be done. Yes, you can string ten or twenty one touches passes together. And yes you can keep the ball in the air and move the ball up the field.

Here’s another fun team juggling drill from Chelsea. Youth versus Experience. Chelsea take on the bin juggling challenge. Stop what you’re doing and check out this hilarious bin challenge.


-Two teams.
-Every player must touch the ball once. Ball must finish up in the bin.
-Ball cannot touch the floor.
-First team to complete the course 10 times wins.
-Teams compete against the clock and against each other.

Game on!

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