Team Juggling Drill

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The United States national team doing a team juggling drill. Not sure how many juggles they get off in this one but it’s quite a few.

How many can your team get? What’s your team’s record? One thing you could also do to make the drill a bit harder is try to keep the ball a bit lower, and not juggling it up so high. Also, you could put restrictions on, say you can only use the instep or the inside of your foot for a few rounds. Take a look.

Here’s another fun team juggling drill from Chelsea.

Youth versus Experience. Chelsea take on the bin juggling challenge.

Stop what you’re doing and check out this hilarious bin #challenge


-Two teams.
-Every player must touch the ball once. Ball must finish up in the bin.
-Ball cannot touch the floor.
-First team to complete the course 10 times wins.
-Teams compete against the clock and against each other.

Game on!

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