The Corpus – Brand New Soccer Training Device

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I don’t know about this new training ball, seems like you’re better off just playing with a smaller soccer ball or even a tennis ball, but it’s worth looking into and learning more about. It sure looks funny though.

The Corpus

The Corpus. It is the size of a football. It is the weight of a football. It is produced like a football. But it is not a football. CORPUS is a non-circular training device that provides a groundbreaking method of football training to increase reaction, coordination and concentration. The devices can be easily integrated in any existing training plan: CORPUS can be used in limitless possible training exercises which are usually performed with the standard round ball. There is no extra effort or additional time necessary – exercises that are performed anyway will generate a much higher training benefit. A fast and effective instrument to improve all essential skills of ball handling, and continuously stimulate players by increasing variety and enjoyment in training.

We suggest the use of one training device for two players, so they will be able to perform partner exercises. To work effectively with a team, a large number of contacts with the devices is recommended during training sessions.


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