Totti Kicks Balotelli, Straight Red Card

Roma legend Totti blatantly kicks Balotelli from behind and is sent of in the 87′ minute of the Coppa Italia. Inter Milan won the match on a Diego Milito goal. But this might just warrant more than a red card for Totti, as he brutally kicks Balotelli in the back of the leg.

Totti’s Stunning Volley Versus Sampdoria

Balotelli has received his fair share of criticism from Mourinho, the Inter Milan fans and media, but there’s no way the youngster deserved this treatment. I’m guessing Totti gets more then just a two game ban for this one. Take a look at the video of the brutal tackle or kick rather, done by Roma’s Totti in the video below. Just a brutal kick by Totti on Balotelli.

Update – Totti had this to say about the incident:

“I kicked him because of what he said on the pitch, and for what he did at San Siro,” Totti said to

Last season, when Balotelli scored a brace against the Giallorossi in a memorable 3-3 draw, the enigmatic forward rushed up to the traveling fans and told them to hush, by placing his finger over his mouth after scoring a goal.

This Totti red card. His brutal kicking out on Balotelli might make you re-think how you feel about Totti’s amazing football career. However, soccer is a passion game and intense, so there are moments when even the best players in the world lose their heads and do something they regret.

Really, overall, it seems like Balotelli didn’t get a fair shake in terms of his soccer career playing in Italy. He won an English Premier League title with Manchester City, but did maybe find as much success playing in Italy or for the Italian national team.