Sole of the Foot Penalty Kick Pass

It’s not often you see much variation in penalty kicks. The player steps up, alone, and strikes the ball towards the goal. Here though, in Mexico’s top division, there was a tricky penalty kick pass with the sole of the foot by Club America that was successfully pulled off.

A sole of the foot penalty kick pass! I wonder how upset the other team was with this trickery. Certainly the goalkeeper was, who dove early and was caught out. Embarrassed even….you might say. I’m sure Atlas wants some revenge next time they face off.

The penalty kick pass was made famous by Johan Cruyff. Where the penalty kick taker passes the ball to a teammate. Not with the sole of the foot though! Henry and Pires almost pulled off the penalty kick pass for Arsenal. Messi pulled if off with Barcelona. Club America pulls it off with a sole of the foot layoff. Watch it in the video below pass below.

That’s a lot of ads surrounding the fan absent stadium! Teams have to make money somehow without fans, right.

Sebastián Córdova uses the sole of his foot to roll the ball to Henry Martín from the penalty spot as Club América won 2-0 at Atlas in the 2021 Clausura. Seems like the action of using his sole of his foot to roll the ball was also a fake shot type motion that got the goalkeeper to move.