Aster Vranckx with the Open Goal Miss of All Misses

Aster Vranckx’s open goal miss. Was Aster Vranckx trying some new Coerver move right before he tried to score? Kidding. But really, this is the worst open goal miss of all misses. Topping even the Fernando Torres open goal miss and the recent Sterling open goal miss. In this situation, with the keeper out of the goal it’s harder to not score than score.

Vranckx is just 17 years old so he deserves a bit of a break on this open goal miss. Hoping that he scores a wonderful goal in his next game and just forgets this open goal miss as soon as possible. Although that might be hard to do what with all the attention being shown his way. Here’s the miss by Vranchx in the video below. He plays for Mechelen in the top division in Belgium.

Kids out there, yes, even top professional footballers make mistakes. It’s all how you bounce back and redeem yourself after making an error, even one like this.

Credit goes to Vranckx though in how he’s handling this open goal miss at such a young age:

“I think I just had to kick the ball in. I took it wrong, and then I missed it,” Vranckx told Eleven Sports. “It’s a shame that I missed, but I’m just going to look to the next match and not let my head go crazy.”