Neymar Signs with Puma – The King is Back

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Neymar Sign with Puma

Didn’t see this coming at all. Neymar signs with Puma? Neymar leaving Nike? Really though, doesn’t matter what soccer cleats Neymar is wearing. Neymar will still embarrass pretty much every defender with his skills on the soccer ball. Amazingly, Neymar was with Nike Soccer since he was 13 years old. Surely Nike can’t be happy that Neymar has signed with rivals Puma.

It’s like someone leaving Barcelona and signing with Paris Saint-Germain! However, it starts to make more sense when you think about other soccer legends, such as Maradona and Pele, who also wore Puma cleats during their football careers. Neymar is still young and will accomplish much more in his soccer career. For Neymar to win a World Cup wearing Puma Kings on his feet…that’s make Puma and all of Brazil pretty happy.

Here’s what Neymar had to say about why he signed with Puma:

I grew up watching videos of great football legends. They were the KINGs of the pitch. KINGs of my sport. This is exactly what I have dreamt for myself. I want to do it my way. I wish to bring back the legacy that those athletes created on the football pitch. I want the KING to reign on the pitch again and inspire generations, as it has inspired mine. This will be my PUMA history. THE KING IS BACK.

“I am about to live a unique experience, a new challenge. I consider myself privileged to have had a life filled with unique experiences and wonderful challenges.

“I grew up watching videos of great football legends such as Pele, Cruyff, Matthaus, Eusebio and Maradona… These were the kings of the pitch, the kings of my sport. And they had something in common — a love of the game, a drive to be the best version of themselves and a spirit that unites all. It’s not always about being the best or the greatest but instead, to inspire future generations. That is exactly what I have dreamt of for myself, to give all of me to football because football has given me everything I have. I want to do it my way, using my gift.

“New challenges, new responsibilities, I understand that. I wish to bring back the legacy that those athletes created on the pitch. I was to help bring back memories from each of their football histories and the magic they gave us in their classic leather boots — and through boots like those, leave behind my own legacy. They each played in PUMA, and each of them created their magic in The KING.

“And so now, as I begin this new season, I want the KING to reign on the pitch and inspire generations as it has inspired me and others.

“To be in this project, associating myself to those Kings of football, through KING, it is a dream. For these reasons, from today onward, I have the honor to unite with the brand that helped the biggest legends of football become what they are. Every time I lace my boots, my KING boots, I will do anything to achieve all of my dreams to honor my name and that of all those great ones who wore the KING before me. This will be my PUMA history. The KING is back!”

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