David Beckham Interview From 1998

This is Manchester United’s David Beckham at 22 years old, before all the tattoos and the media explosion, before the transfer to Real Madrid and then on to the MLS and the LA Galaxy. And the loan out to AC Milan. Before his time at Paris Saint-Germain. Before all the injuries and the tattoos even. Take a look a very young Beckham in the interview below. He’s still got the hair though, which seems to be bleached a bit.

David Beckham Interview from 1998. As someone said on YouTube: “Becks discusses many things…most of which the audience isn’t particularly interested in. But goddamn that’s some good lookin’ hair.”

This interview is before Beckham’s net worth reached $450 Million or he owned the MLS club Inter Miami. I wonder if Beckham had an idea just what his football career would turn out to be. Or just how famous he’d become the world over