Everton Wants Bradley

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Everton Wants Bradley

Michael Bradley, the American who’s scored a buck load of goals in the Dutch 1st Division, is now the target of Everton of the EPL.  Essentially, he’d be the first American field player sought after who’s already playing in Europe.  There have been goalkeepers traded or loan to other clubs but I don’t think there’s been a player who’s solidified his play in a professional league in Europe and then sold to another.  More often, the players come over from the MLS, like Dempsey and McBride did.  He’d also join his fellow American, Tim Howard, with the The Toffees.  A club that’s always on the verge of breaking into the top four but despite their consistent play fail to break in to the club.

What an opportunity this would be for Bradley, to play at the highest level and perhaps in the Champions League, if Everton can force out one of the big four, although it looks like they’ll end up in the UEFA Cup at they’re five points from Liverpool.

Bradley’s a player that reminds me of a lot of Michael Carrick of Manchester United, perhaps with a little more punch in the tackle but exuding less of the passing brilliance at this point, but he’s got time still at just 20 years old.  Both are lanky players who play simple and smart football.  Bradley has been a surprise though this year, scoring 15 goals in Holland so far.

The asking price, 5 million Euros ($3,125,000 U.S. dollars), which David Moyes says is too high and he’ll wait. Heerenveen is hoping he’ll stay as his still has a year left on his contract.

And Heerenveen coach Gertjan Verbeek added: “Never say never in football, but I count on Bradley staying here.”

The 6ft 1in American international, who moved to the Eredivisie in 2006, has scored 15 times this season, including eight in his last eight games as Heerenveen have climbed to third in the table.

The Blues have watched him several times and been quietly impressed.

Other clubs are also interested in Bradley, both Hamburg and Roy Keane’s Sunderland have expressed interest.  Sunderland might be a the perfect place for Bradley.  At this club he’ll be sure to get a lot of first team action and learn much from Roy Keane, who’s not a bad player to emulate, minus the bone crushing tackles.

Here’s a goal he scored versus Ajax:


What’s more, the kid can speak Dutch:


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