Football for Good – Steve Nash

The Showdown in Chinatown is back on again this year. The 8 versus 8 small sided game in the heart of New York City. The video below hints at some of the player who might participate in the game this year. Joe Cole, Kaka, Henry, Gatusso, and Del Piero? Incredible, but we’ll see.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Steve Nash makes a Jordan like effort to cross over and play another professional sport. I’d love him to try and play in the MLS. He seems to love soccer so much these days. Come on Steve, give it a shot.

From his new website about his new charity:

Football for Good is a non-profit being developed by the founders of the Steve Nash Foundation and Athletes for Africa, that goes well beyond charity. Football for Good has two clear aims:

1. To develop world-class youth football (soccer) academies that are sustainable, community-centered social businesses in regions that have been ravaged by war.

2. To be a champion of human rights and child protection, and a committed global advocate for African players, families and their communities.

Hat tip to Unprofessional Foul for pointing me to the video.