Hector Reynoso Coughs & Spits at Player

A brazen and disgraceful act by Reynoso in a time when swine flu is everyone’s fear in Latin America and throughout the world. Where Mexican teams are playing in empty stadiums due to fears surrounding the disease. One of the worst things a soccer player can do on the field is spit at another player. Hector Reynoso should receive a long ban for spitting. From the WSJ:

While tangled up with Sebastian Penco of the local Everton squad in Vina del Mar, Chile, on Wednesday, Mr. Reynoso went through an elaborate pantomime of infecting Mr. Penco with the swine flu virus. Mr. Reynoso coughed in his opponent’s face and then appeared to expel mucus from his nostrils towards Mr. Penco.

Héctor Reynoso recuerda la polémica que causó al fingir escupir a un jugador de Everton, justo en el momento que México enfrentaba la Influenza AH1N1.