How Does Messi Warm Up Before a Game

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Messi Stretching

Why not copy the best soccer player in the world’s warm up routine? If this is what Messi does before games maybe I should do something similar. While this isn’t as legendary as Maradona’s warm up routine it seems pretty practical, it has some stretching, running, passing and shooting. What is special about Messi’s warm up routine is when he does the long distance juggling with a teammate.

Here’s Messi warming up before he scored hat-trick versus Celta Vigo. Yes, Messi doesn’t necessarily enjoy the warming up part of soccer, he’d rather just get to work as soon as possible. As someone commented, “Messi is the only soccer player who doesn’t need a warm up, the match itself is the warm up for him.” But as Messi gets older, warming up and taking care of his body is going to become increasingly important.

Messi and former teammate Dani Alves long distance juggling before a game. I’m sure Messi misses playing with Alves, they were quite the partnership on the field and had a telepathic understanding of one and another. Now, Messi usually warms up with Suarez but he’s been injured of late.

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