How to Knuckle the Soccer Ball When Shooting

Let’s learn how to knuckle the ball like Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s no better play to learn how to knuckle the ball in soccer. Ronaldo makes the ball move in the air like no other player. And goalkeepers rightly afraid when he steps up to take a free kick. Ronaldo strikes the ball with power to make it move in the air.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the master of knuckling the soccer ball when he shoots, especially when he steps up to take a free kick. Ronaldo hits the ball with so much power that the ball dips and swerves so much that the keeper doesn’t know what to do. Actually, the keeper really has no chance when the soccer ball is moving so much in the air and at such speed. There’s just no time to react and try to save the ball when it’s moving that fast. Here’s a quick run dow of how to knuckle the ball like Cristiano Ronaldo:

Step 1 Hit the ball with the laces or instep area of the foot.
Step 2 Kick and land on the shooting foot.
Step 3 Focus on getting the technique right then add more power.
Step 4 Strike through the center of the ball.

Watch the master of the knuckle ball in soccer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Crazy Knuckleball Goals Ever – 2007/2016.

And here’s the master at work, making the ball move and knuckle in the air as he hits it with power. When Ronaldo retires from the game this is something that he’ll be remembered for as the innovator. Don’t think another player hit the ball with power as well as he did, perhaps Roberto Carlos, but not as consistently.

“I see myself as the best footballer in the world. If you don’t believe you are the best, then you will never achieve all that you are capable of.”

Really, Ronaldo brought the knuckle ball to world football like no other player ever had before him.