How to Kick the Soccer Ball With Power

Shoot with power in soccer: How to get a harder shot or with more POWER tutorial – in today’s video, we teach you how to get a harder shot when you play soccer / football to see if you can improve your shot power and strike the soccer ball with more venom than normally in our latest tutorial. Every player should learn how to shoot with power so they’re ready when the moment arises that they need to finish the ball in front of goal.

The best example of shooting with power is of course Cristiano Ronaldo. While at Manchester United, Ronaldo scored this long distance goal versus Porto. And then there’s Ronaldo’s famous knuckle ball – an incredibly powerful shot that makes the ball move in the air. What’s more, as grow and get older and play a lot of soccer your legs will get stronger. You might not reach Cristiano’s level of leg strength, with veins popping out, but the more soccer you play the stronger your legs will get and the more power you can shoot with.

Getting a harder shot as a football player isn’t only about having big thigh muscles but also a whole lot about the right technique, and in this video we will teach you the proper technique of how to strike the football to get a harder shot without having huge thigh muscles so you can learn how to do it right.

Learn how to shoot with power in soccer in the video below.

Of course, it’s good to have strong legs as a football player if you want to get a harder shot you need to learn the right technique of striking the ball, and today we will teach you how to get a harder shot by simply learning the right shooting technique and how to shoot the football. We also show you the brand new Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite White/Black/Gold which JayMike will wear in the tutorial, and which you can go and pick up at right now.

In our tutorial on how to get a harder shot we will look at the run-up, how you plat your foot, how you swing your shooting leg, where you strike the football and what your follow through should look like – all in the name of helping you learn how to get a harder shot. There are moments in a soccer game when you want to pass the ball into the back of the net and then there are times to strike the ball with power.