Neymar Crazy Dribbling Skills

So you want to learn how to dribble the soccer ball like Neymar? Well, it starts off with spending time with the ball on our own, mastering it. Dribbling in and out of cones with both feet and slowly building up your speed with the ball at your foot. Once you’ve mastered the ability to control the ball then you can start beating people and going by them. And it’s all about change of pace, slow and then fast, after you do a Neymar like move.

When Neymar plays the game he dares you to try to steal the ball from him. And then when you stand your ground he’ll sucker you into diving in for the ball and dribble right around you where another defender will foul him and earn a red card.

New: Neymar heel control trick, check it out. The Brazilian forward and Barcelona star’s trademark rabona control move.  Oh, and remember that time the defender got down on his knees and begged Neymar not to dribble past him but he did anyway. And more on how to play soccer like Neymar.

Can’t wait until Neymar moves on to a bigger club in Europe to see if he can pull off these crazy moves in the English Premier League or La Liga. I think he can and will eventually dominate European soccer. Actually, it looks like he’ll join Barcelona soon, which doesn’t even seem fair since they already have Messi.

Yeah, trying to learn how to play soccer like Neymar is a good thing to try to copy. Get to the practice field with your soccer ball and copy his moves. Try to perfect Neymar’s tricks and dribbling moves and you’ll be surprised how often you can use them in a game.

Watch Neymar Crazy Dribbling Skills

But the highlights in the video above are all from before Neymar’s days as a pro soccer player at Barcelona, where he arrived at 21 years of age. Neymar’s dribbling skills were more than evident even then – the speed or change of pace after he does a move or fake is exceptional.

Really, while Neymar was always a unique and special player, it was at Barcelona that he became a star, learning from the likes of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, and Suarez. Perhaps my favorite Neymar move is when he flicks the ball up and over a defender.

Learn how to play soccer like the former Barcelona and current PSG soccer star. Neymar has been dazzling football fans ever since he broke onto the stage the world soccer stage around 2009. Neymar is famous up for beating people in the most humiliating way, almost causing them to fall down or trip.

This video will teach you how to play like Neymar Jr. by teaching you Neymar’s best soccer skills and moves. If you’re the type of soccer player who likes to take players on or you just happen to like Neymar, this is the video for you to watch. Neymar’s dribbling skills are world class. Neymar’s dribbling moves are the best in the world and his change of pace and speed is incredible.

How did Neymar get so good with the soccer ball? Spend time with it on your own. With Neymar, defenders think that are about to win the ball and it’s at the exact moment that Neymar touches the ball past them. He suckers them into diving in and trying to win the soccer ball and dribbles past them.

Neymar’s father said this:

“Typically children are not in love with soccer. They are in love with the ball. They play in the living room, in the backyard, on the street, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s a narrow space, if it may break something. The kid wants the ball, and wants to play with a toy that can later become something serious, as happened with my son.”