What Players Have the Most MLS Cups?

What player has the most MLS Cups? Who has won the MLS the most with their team? Let’s dig deeper and see what player has lifted the MLS Cup the most times in Major League Soccer history.

Update: Landon Donovan has won the most MLS Cups of any player in MLS league history, with six total. Think it might be a while before someone tops that. I’m surprised that there isn’t a Landon Donovan statue out in front of the LA Galaxy stadium yet. There should be. Ok, finally the LA Galaxy put up the Donovan statue. Beckham did get his statue though before Donovan, but he did get pranked beforehand.

Is Jeff Agoos the best soccer player who’s ever played in the MLS? I don’t think so, but if you based it upon the number of MLS Cups he’s won he would be. Agoos has won a whopping 5 MLS Cups in total – yeah five rings with two different clubs, one for each finger on one of his hands. Agoos has won three MLS Cups with DC United and then two with the original San Jose Earthquakes.

Overall, two soccer clubs have the most players with the most MLS Cups, and really this is one team in the same more or less, with a few players leaving for other teams when the team itself moved, and this is the San Jose Earthquakes and the Houston Dynamo collective.

The other MLS soccer team that has the majority of MLS Cups is DC United, with 4 Cups over the 13-year history of the MLS. San Jose/Houston have also won four MLS Cups in total if you count them as one side.

Here are the rest of the players with the most MLS cup holders:

  • Landon Donovan (6)
  • Jeff Agoos (5)
  • Brian Mullan (5)
  • Todd Dunivant (5)
  • Jaime Moreno (4)
  • Craig Waibel (4)
  • Brian Ching (4)
  • Dwayne De Rosario (4)
  • Eddie Robinson (4)
  • Brian Mullan (4)
  • Pat Onstad (4)
  • Wade Barrett (4)
  • Richie Williams (4)
  • Eddie Pope (4)
  • Mark Simpson (3)
  • Richard Mulrooney (3)
  • Marco Etcheverry (3)

What does it say about a soccer player if they’ve won an MLS Cup? What’s interesting about the list is the groups of players that have won these Cups together. Landon Donovan might just be the only player who has won a title while not having a supporting cast of players who have won Cups before on his team.

Donovan won two titles with the core group of San Jose Earthquake players and then was traded to the LA Galaxy where he won a title on his own in a sense. Jeff Agoos won five Cups but all were with groups of core players who had won Cups before in the MLS, whether that was with DC United or San Jose.

There are two keepers on this list, Pat Onstad and Mark Simpson, but you’d think there might be more, as goalkeepers are such a crucial part of an MLS Cup winning team. I also believe that Mark Simpson was injured during one or two of DC United’s championships, and did not play in all the games during those Cup runs, so really, Pat Onstad is the top keeper on the list.

If anything, I think that all these soccer players on this list will become and make exceptional coaches in the MLS. There’s nothing like having won an MLS Cup trophy or two or three to convince players to play hard for you and win games.

As far as MLS coaches, Bruce Arena has won the most MLS Cups with a total of 5 – two with DC United and then three with the LA Galaxy.

Watch the U.S. Soccer and LA Galaxy legend celebrate his 6th MLS Cup championship.