Riyad Mahrez Heel Flick

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Riyad Mahrez Heel Flick

Riyad Mahrez with an amazing heel flick from a long ball while playing in a game for Algeria. And there’s the cuts and moves and the goal for Algeria too. But it’s the heel flick off a nearly forty yard pass that is really incredible. It’s a first time heel flick that enables him to beat the defender.

Mahrez doesn’t slow down or break stride or wait for the pass but flicks the ball forward with his heel like it’s nothing. Riyad Mahrez, take a bow. The goal ain’t bad either.

The Manchester City midfielder is up there near the top in terms of skill and moves in all of world football. Oh, and Mahrez loves to wear his socks up really high, maybe that’s his secret to playing so skillfully! Just a sublime goal by Mahrez versus Zimbabwe. Surely Mahrez is the greatest Algerian soccer player of all time, right? Watch the Mahrez heel flick below.

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