Rudy Camacho Arms Behind Back Defending

Yes, this is an exceptional long range strike by the Columbus Crew’s Gyasi Zardes. However, the last defender doesn’t really step up like he should. Instead, it’s the old hands behind the back try not to concede a penalty due to a handball routine. I still don’t get it. Putting your hands behind your back slows you down and you can charge at the attacker and at least make them rethink taking the shot. And it doesn’t take much to throw off the shooter especially from this distance.

Of course putting your hands behind your back is not something only MLS defenders do. Take David Luiz for instance. Trying to defend with his hands behind his back for Arsenal. No, world soccer over defenders do it. It’s like when young players used to hold their hands together when trying to head the ball. Silly.

A number of great defenders do this – afraid to give away a penalty or free kick.

Victor Lindelof Defends with Arms Behind Back 
Thiago Silva Defends with Arms Behind Back

It is still an perfect strike by Zardes although made possible in part by a defenders immobility since his hands are nearly tied behind his back!

And actually, since the Zardes is so far out and away from the penalty box, there’s really no need for Montréal defender Rudy Camacho to put his hands behind his back.

Even in the box it’s silly to put your hands behind your back when defending but doubly dumb to put your hands behind your back outside the box. It just slows you down and one can’t shuffle or stretch as well to block a shot. Why not try to block the shot instead!