David Luiz Arms Behind Back Defending

Arsenal’s David Luiz trying to defend with arms behind his back. You’d have to say that Luiz’s time at Arsenal hasn’t been the best. Previously he received a 1/10 rating for his play. The arms behind the back when defending in the box though is surprising in that it is still a thing in world football.

All this just to try to avoid getting a penalty kick called due to a hand ball? How often does it happen that a shot is taken and it hits a defenders arm and a penalty kick is called? Really, don’t think it happens as often as the players try to avoid it.

Victor Lindelof Defends with Arms Behind Back 

Why not instead try to block the shot and shuffle across to defend rather than run with your rams behind your back. Are soccer coaches still teaching this?

Arsenal, please tell David Luiz to try defending and not focus on avoiding a penalty kick. With his arms nearly stuck behind his back he can’t move laterally as quickly. Luiz is essentially a useless defender with his arms clasped behind his back.

Only when he sees that the Wolves attacker is going to shot does he release his arms and try to block the shot. Please football / soccer pundits around the world can we address this.

English Premier League defenders, stop putting your arms behind your back to avoid a penalty it just slows you down. Free yourself. Use your arms to move sideways easier and win the ball instead!

David Luiz isn’t the only defender to try to avoid a potential penalty kick by putting their arms behind their back only to see a goal result from their lackluster defending and inability to move quickly to the side. It is problem not just in the EPL of course. All around the world kids are leaning to put their arms behind their backs in the box when defending, too.