Samuel Eto’o Enjoys a Pre-Game Sniff

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Samuel Etoo Sniffing

Chelsea’s Samuel Eto’o enjoys a sniff of smelling salt before he plays a game. I hope EA Sports allows this in their FIFA soccer video games. You know, giving you the option to let your player sniff smelling salt before they play or after they take a knock to the head…or maybe if they enter the game as a substitute.

Landon Donovan is known to take a pre-gram sniff as well, along with Darwin Quintero and other MLS soccer players.

It was cold for Eto’o playing in the English Premier league. You know, going from playing in Spain to winters in England. Had to be tough. Can’t blame him. Especially those cold early afternoon games when he probably only woke up a few hours ago and didn’t have a coffee. The before and after look on Eto’o’s face is perfect.

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