The Many Hairstyles of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo has quite a few different hairstyles over the course of his pro soccer career. With which one of these hairstyles did Cristiano Ronaldo score the most goals? That’s the most important question, right? In the above image you can see the many looks and hairstyles of Cristiano, from his playing days in England with Manchester United to his time in Spain with Real Madrid to his current longer hair and ponytail atop his head while he plays in Italy for Juventus.

I guess what’s interesting about Cristiano Ronaldo is he doesn’t have any tattoos, if I’m not mistaken. Ronaldo just missed that generation to an extent. So perhaps Cristiano alters and adjusts his hair from time to time to show his personality. From shaving the sides to bleaching and dying his hair to using a considerable amount of hair gel that might just hinder his heading ability, Ronaldo has had quite a few different hairstyles over the years. And sometimes Ronaldo has worn a hair band to keep his hair out of his eyes…

It’s with a pretty clean cut and simple hairstyle that Ronaldo scored maybe his best goal ever – the bicycle kick versus Juventus.

In the video below we even get some glimpses of Ronaldo’s hairstyle when he first starting playing pro soccer in Portugal for Sporting Lisbon. Funny enough, someone said in the YouTube comments: “He’s my favorite soccer player but he wears too much hair gel.” 

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