Official Adventures of Carlos Valderrama

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Valderrama Hair
What is Carlos Valderrama known for? What was Valderrama’s great skill as a player? Well, he was of course known most maybe for his hair, but he also played the game with an ease and smoothness like it was all so easy for him. He never lost the ball. Nobody could take it from him. Like most greats, he played like he knew what was going to happen on the soccer field before anyone else did.

Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama never got as much attention as he deserved. He should have had more success in the World Cup but Colombia missed their chance when they had their best team during the tournament in the United States.

“He was a natural exponent of ‘toque’, keeping the football ball moving. But he was so gifted that we could give him the ball when we didn’t know what else to do with it knowing he wouldn’t lose it. And often he would do things that most of us only dream about.” (Laurent Blanc talking about the legendary Carlos Valderrama).

These videos are more apt for something on Conan O’Brien than this soccer site but good for a laugh. Carlos makes an appearance, and survives, a range of natural disasters – his bright afro shows up everywhere. Watch the official Adventures of Carlos Valderrama.

And then he’s suddenly traveling along on various types of transportation.

In 2000, Carlos Valderrama recorded the only 20+ assist season in MLS history. He ended the season with 26, which our panelists argue is the most unbreakable record in MLS.

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