The Greatest Christmas Gift Ever: Lionel Messi on the Pot

Everybody poops as they say. Even Messi. What’s a good Christmas gift for the soccer fan in your life? Why not a figurine of the greatest soccer player ever to play the game going poop. Yes, this is somewhat of a tradition in many parts of Spain. What can you put in your son or daughter’s stocking this year if their favorite player is Lionel Messi?

Above image credit goes to TheSunFootball

Well, why not a little figurine of Messi going poop that you can add to the nativity scene near the Christmas tree. It’s Messi with his pants down going poop or at least trying to go poop while holding on to what looks like a soccer ball. Not sure if there’s a Cristiano figure going poop or not, but I’m sure both Barcelona and Real Madrid fans would buy it.

This is a ceramic figure of the Barcelona and world’s greatest player going to the bathroom. Who doesn’t want one of these? Yeah, this is for reals. And yes I think that’s a little swirl of poo towards the back of his feet.

I guess statuettes of well known people defecating are a very popular tradition in Catalonia, going back as far as the 18th century, when Catalonians would hide little figures or caganers (poopers) in Christmas Nativity scenes and make a game of it, you had to fine the pooper in the scene. I wonder if they put these poopers next to the baby Jesus?

Believe it or not, the figures are symbols of fertilization, hope and prosperity for the coming year. I wonder how Messi feels about all this. Gives knew meaning to Messi’s last name. But don’t forget, everyone poops, even Lionel Messi.

From Yahoo Sports:

“Caganers have been a Catalan holiday tradition since the 18th century. The small figurines, which are hidden in Christmas nativity scenes, depict a squatting person — originally a peasant but now expanded to include celebrities and other notable people and characters — with their rear end exposed and feces on the ground behind them (caganer translates to “s****er”).”