Who Hasn’t Lionel Messi Nutmegged?

You’d have to say it’s almost an honor to be nutmegged by Lionel Messi. It’s like yeah, Messi nutmegged me but that’s the only way he could get past me. Really though, for defenders in La Liga, who hasn’t Messi put the ball through their legs. I mean for Barcelona players in training, how many times have they be nutmegged by Messi. Pique surely has suffered the Messi nutmeg at least 100 times by this point.

This nutmeg and goal by Messi against Eibar though is something extra special. What I don’t understand though is why defenders even try to win the ball from Messi. I know it’s all happening so fast by why not just try to steer him in one direction, away from goal. To his weaker right foot. Yes, I know that’s implausible, but at least don’t open your legs!


As Ray Hudson said, “Trying to tackle him is like wrestling with a ghost!” See these 120 INSANE Nutmegs by Lionel Messi.

And I don’t know, getting nutmegged by Messi might be better than him just making you fall down like he did to Jerome Boateng. Just think, when Boateng’s soccer career is over he might be more known for this play, falling down after getting beat by Messi, than all his other defensive plays.