Setting Up the Wall in Soccer

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Setting Up Wall
How do you set up a wall properly in soccer. The keeper usually organizes the wall but there should be a pre-set plan for setting up the wall before each game. Most teams have a free kick specialist, so teams need to know how many players they want in the wall base on where the free kick will be taken.

David Beckham free kicks are nearly impossible to stop. It helps to have a good defensive wall. LA Galaxy Associate Head Coach Dave Sarachan shows you how to set up a wall on a direct and indirect free kick. Oh, and even Cristiano Ronaldo sometimes smashes the soccer ball against the wall, even hitting a wall with one player in it! There’s a trend now for players to sort of hide or even lie down behind the wall.

Oops. Sometimes his knuckle balls don’t work even with just a one man wall. And this shows you that a one man wall or two man wall can work. Listen to your goalkeepers. Give them the wall they ask for. Organizing a wall in soccer needs to happen quickly too, otherwise a free kick taker can surprise the goalkeeper with a quick shot.

But try not to push your teammates when they are in the wall with you, as Zlatan Ibrahimovic does here.

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