Setting Up the Wall in Soccer

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Setting Up Wall

How do you set up a wall properly in soccer. The keeper usually organizes the wall but there should be a pre-set plan for setting up the wall before each game. Most teams have a free kick specialist, so teams need to know how many players they want in the wall base on where the free kick will be taken.

Image credit above goes to coach Dave Sarachan, formerly of the LA Galaxy.

David Beckham free kicks are nearly impossible to stop. It helps to have a good defensive wall. Let’s look at how to set up a wall on a direct and indirect free kick. Oh, and sometimes even Cristiano Ronaldo sometimes smashes the soccer ball against the wall, hitting a wall with one player in it! And there’s a trend now for players to sort of hide or even lie down behind the wall.

Oops. Sometimes his knuckle balls don’t work even with just a one man wall. And this shows you that a one man wall or two man wall can work. Listen to your goalkeepers. Give them the wall they ask for. Organizing a wall in soccer needs to happen quickly too, otherwise a free kick taker can surprise the goalkeeper with a quick shot. But try not to push your teammates when they are in the wall with you, as Zlatan Ibrahimovic does here.

If your opponent is rewarded a free kick, it can change the momentum of the game. This is even more true if it is near your goal in your team’s defensive zone. But by setting up a strong wall, you will provide your goalkeeper a much-needed assist in stopping the kick.

A wall is made up of four or five players in a line. One player on the end will face the goalkeeper to relay direction from the goalkeeper on where to stand. The rest of the line will face the opposing player taking the free kick.

The final player of the wall should be lined up with the post of your goal. This will help stop the ball from going into the short corner.

Your main priority here is blocking the ball, so setting up to protect yourself is important. Have one arm going down your body to help protect your groin and position the other across your face. This strategic placement can help guard you if you do block the kick.

By creating a strong wall, you can help your goalkeeper keep the shutout going the rest of the game.

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